How long will this kind of thing go on?

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Gan Eng Gor… Another corpse-snatching by Police & Islamic authorities

JANUARY 19: It was reported by French wire agency AFP, quoting The Star, that Malaysian police have seized the body of Gan Eng Gor, an ethnic Chinese man, in the latest dispute between Islamic authorities and family members over a disputed conversion. Quote:

The dispute comes just days (Jan 18, 2008) after a court ordered a Christian woman’s body be returned to her family after Islamic authorities admitted they were wrong in claiming she had converted. The cases have fed accusations over the growing “Islamisation” of Malaysia, where the population is dominated by Muslim Malays living alongside ethnic Chinese and Indian communities.

The eldest son of the deceased, who died on Sunday aged 74, said his father became a Muslim last July, but his other children reject the claim and insist their father was a Buddhist.

Police reportedly took Gan’s body from a funeral parlour outside Kuala Lumpur after his eldest son, 47, who became a Islam several years ago and renamed Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah, lodged a report claiming his father had converted and taken a Muslim name.

Even Eng Gor’s widow, Chua Chun, 65, who had been looking after her bedridden husband over the past two years and the couple’s seven other children, denied this.

A legal tussle, with the Syariah Court at the core, ensued.

JANUARY 20: The Syariah Court in Seremban deferred the hearing to determine the religious status Gan Eng Gor to allow his Buddhist family — to appoint a Syariah counsel.

According to The Star, Registrar Abdul Razak Mat Nayan told the dead man’s children that they would also have to submit the names of those who would testify during the hearing as part of the syariah court process.

JANUARY 21: On behalf of the family, Gan Eng Gor’s sixth child, Gan Hock Lim, 40, a supervisor living in Klang, filed a case at the High Court in Seremban, challenging the deceased’s conversion to Islam.

The family was represented by lawyers recommended by the MCA.

JANUARY 24: Seremban Syariah Court judge Mohd Nadzri Abdul Rahman in his ex-parte judgment said Gan Eng Gor, whose Muslim name was Amir Gan Abdullah, was a Muslim based on the testimony by officers from the council and his oldest child Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah.

The remains of the 74-year-old man, whose widow and seven children had no knowledge of his conversion to Islam, was yesterday released to the state Islamic religious council for burial.

Eng Gor’s widow, Chua Chun, and the couple’s seven other children were not present in court yesterday.

Gan’s next of kin — two of whom are bloggers — contacted me last night.

I was told that the deceased’s family will be going ahead with civil suit against the eldest son for forgery charges as the father, who was paralysed and couldn’t talk due to a stroke, was deemed to be invalid.I was made to understand that evidence of discrepancy on all the documents will be tendered. There would be argument that Gan’s supposed conversion was concealed from the rest of the family until his death last Sunday.The eldest son had apparently lodged a police report, saying that the deceased was a Muslim, and wanted to claim the body, despite his mother having kowtow-ed appealing for compassion.

The family said they “lost” the case in Syariah court as their application for an injunction to stop the Syariah court from proceeding came in way too late.

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